The Co-Lab is a collective of health & well-being businesses who have come together to offer you some free help and support during these challenging times.

Our offer is open to anybody from business owners, to key workers, or any individual who is struggling. 

We understand that you may be experiencing difficulties right now with your mental health and emotional well-being, which can also disrupt your physical health too. So we are pleased to offer this directory of specialists who can help.

We believe there is an opportunity for you to reset and re-focus your life - even amidst the uncertainty. We also want to help you find your inner calm and stay healthy.

Our experts are trained in specialist areas and can help with a range of things such as:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Grief & loss
  • Low mood
  • Family conflict
  • Overwhelm

Please browse the directory and contact any of our coaches, therapists, and well-being facilitators that you feel may be able to meet your needs.    


Louise Creswick

Louise is an Accredited Life Coach, Trainer, NLP Practitioner & Mindfulness Teacher who specialises in working with people in grief and loss.

Her own personal story, alongside her qualifications and expertise all come together to form her unique coaching services.
Louise helps people
to navigate the complex grief journey and when ready, restore their life beyond loss.
You may be coping with a bereavement during these difficult circumstances, or experiencing another form of loss due to social isolation, lack of work / finances, or difficulties within the family.
Please get in touch with Louise to see how she may be able to help.
Watch this short message from Louise to find out more.

Lisa Tighe

Lisa is the owner of Lisa Tighe Therapy and Coaching. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and a Master Coach. She is also a practitioner of EFT, also known as "tapping". Lisa can enable you to get to the "root cause" of your problem, deal with it, and move on.
Lisa works with adults and also has 10 years experience of working with challenging teens.
If you are worried, suffering or in total overwhelm right now, then please get in touch with Lisa.
Watch this short message from Lisa to find out more.

Mandy Gutsell

Mandy is a CPCC Coach, ORSC Coach and Parent Coach for Teens. She is also a Drama therapist and has a Diploma in Creative supervision supervising Coaches, Therapists and Practitioners especially working in Care and Education.
She is a Qualified Mental Health Nurse, Teacher in Further Education and a BSc(hons) in Mental Health Studies Specialising in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She develops and delivers courses especially in FE for adults needing to be offered a second chance. She works with Adults and young people including training staff to use practical creative methods to engage young people.
Mandy can work with couples, parents, young people, families and overwhelmed staff in the Care and Education sector, as well as other coaches and therapists who are struggling to cope with their own mental well being and finding it difficult to let go of being the 'strong one'.

If you're struggling with your mental health, and dealing with a range of emotions including anger, sadness, loss and anxiety, please contact Mandy.
Watch this short message from Mandy to find out more.

Jill Brown

Jill is the owner of Advance Life Coaching.
 is a Life coach, Advanced practitioner in Conversational Intelligence, Advanced Positive Psychology and a member of Association for Coaches.

After coaching people to learn to drive for over 23 years, Jill uses all her skills and experience to enable movement to a positive place.

She helps people to let go of what they can’t control and fully embrace what they can, which enables them to step into their power.

Being able to speak up, to express what you want to say before it gets too emotional or ends up being unsaid is a big part of being in your power.

All new things can bring anxiety, but it doesn’t need to rule your life. Life still goes on in a new way. Jill is passionate that everyone lives their adventure how they want to.

She is here to help you to feel more in control and take back your power in a positive way, so please contact her for some support.

Watch this short message from Jill to find out more. 

Emma O'Brien

Emma O’Brien is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Mindset and Strengths Coach.

Her mission is to help business owners overcome self-doubt, fears and limitations, claim their superpowers and thrive.

Emma made the switch from her career in organisational change, employee engagement and executive strength coaching to help individuals rapidly transform their lives from the inside out using Rapid Transformational TherapyTM. RTTTM is a fast, effective therapy founded by Marisa Peer designed to uncover the root cause of your issue, free you from self-defeating beliefs/patterns and imprint new, positive and powerful messages into your subconscious mind to produce permanent, life changing results.

Emma has helped clients overcome anxiety, depression and many other issues and is passionate about helping people develop a healthy mindset and resilience so they can flourish despite challenging times.

If you'd like some help with unwinding overwhelm, anxiety and maintaining a healthy mindset then please get in touch with Emma.
Please watch this short message from Emma to find out more. 

Birdie Brown

Birdie Brown is an Intuitive Leadership Transformational Coach working with individuals with stress and anxiety as a result of employment issues, health issues or relationship issues.

She is a Reiki Master. Sound Healer, Shamanic Healer and was an NHS Professional as a Podiatrist, and specialised in Diabetic foot care in latter years.

Birdie loves to help her clients move from struggle to thriving.

If you'd like some help with returning to a peaceful state of mind then please get in touch. 
Watch this short message from Birdie to find out more. 

Martin Seville

Following a successful 20-year corporate career in the Financial Services industry, and life-threatening mental illness caused by years of built-up stress, fear and anxiety, Martin discovered his life purpose.

Now a coach and mentor, Martin inspires as many people around the world as he can to improve their current quality of life and avoid the dark paths he travelled.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, stress, fear and anxiety have increased dramatically. His current mission is to help as many people as he can to:
  • Firstly reduce their stress, fear and worry,
  • Secondly find a new positive routine.
  • Thirdly discover the perspective and hidden opportunity these times have gifted us all.

If you're looking to find a new positive daily routine, and are open to exploring a new perspective and the hidden opportunity these times have gifted us, then please contact Martin.
Watch this short message from Martin to find out more. 

Caeredwen Gregson-Barnes

Caeredwen is a counsellor, CBT practitioner and life coach specialising in helping people to improve their interpersonal relationships through improved communication skills, tolerance and self confidence. 

She developed the Living Harmoniously with Other Humans model and created an online training course helping people to develop the skills needed to follow it. 

She is also a qualified Bowen therapist and Reiki healer so understands the way the mind, body and spirit work together and influence each other.
If you're in need of an emotional lifeline to work through a specific issue, find a way to reframe your thoughts, and take clear steps to improve your situation right now, please get in touch.
Watch this short message from Caeredwen to find out more. 

Natalie Freeman

Natalie is passionate about helping people move forward from past trauma, anxiety and stressful situations that are holding them back from day-to-day life.
As a Counsellor & Practitioner, she is qualified & trained to help you with trauma, managing stress, dissolving limiting beliefs and becoming aligned with your goals. her qualifications include Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner, NLP, Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioual Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Weight Management.

Natalie uses the unique combination of her skills and knowledge to help you deal with; anxiety, bereavement, depression, low self-esteem, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, self-belief, self-development, stress, trauma, and weight management.
Please get in touch with Natalie.



Watch this short message from Natalie to find out more.

Sabine Horner

Trained in Functional Medicine, Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga, Sabine offers a truly holistic approach to addressing the root causes of any physical and mental health issues we can develop following a major bereavement.

Sabine has first-hand experience of the massive difference that good nutrition and digestion can make to coping with the emotional roller coaster of grief.

Sabine believes in keeping things simple and manageable. Please get in touch with her if you would like to find out more about how she can support you on your healing journey through grief.


Watch this short message from Sabine to find out more.

Important Information

This free help & support is not a replacement for professional medical advice or full coaching / therapy. If you are feeling suicidal please contact The Samaritans on 116 123. If you are in need of urgent medical attention, please call 111 for advice. 

The Co-Lab is a not-for-profit collective of private health & well-being businesses who have come together to offer help and support during the COVID-19 crisis. We are not a registered company or trading as such. 

If you are a health & well-being small business and are able to offer free help and support, then please make enquiries about joining the directory via Louise Creswick; Project Co-ordinator.